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Ghn Services: Environmental


Reshaping the environments we live in.

Ghn has the expertise and experience to offer a full suite of land preparation services with a vision towards future use and sustainability. Being mindful and respectful of the environments we work in, Ghn delivers solutions aligned with the LEEDS framework and all environmental regulatory requirements.


Meticulous and comprehensive services for large scale, complex or strategic demolitions. Planned or emergency situations management including:


  • Extensive demolition fleet
  • Highly skilled team
  • Strict adherence to all applicable municipal, provincial and federal requirements
  • Extensive experience in permit applications and approval requisites
  • Insurance and bonding
  • Environmental agenda to ensure maximum reclamation, recycling and salvage from the site.

Hazardous Material Abatement

Efficient and compliant solutions for the safe and environmentally friendly removal of hazardous materials during demolition.


  • Thorough planning and risk assessment by our highly skilled HMA crew
  • Mobile facilities and specialized equipment selected precisely for the site’s unique requirements
  • Removal and disposable in accordance with all provincial and federal health & safety regulations
  • Environmental solutions that meet LEED requirements

Soil Remediation

Safely transforming contaminated sites for redevelopment through customized, quality and cost-efficient excavation and remediation solutions.


  • Site assessment and comprehensive remediation plan development
  • Innovative environmental stewardship techniques and processes
  • On-site management, excavation, treatment and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Management and removal of underground vessels and piping

Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance

Complete solutions for the efficient, environmentally friendly and non-intrusive cleanup of SWM facilities including:


  • Pond dewatering
  • Inflow diversion
  • Sediment excavation & disposal
  • Reconstruction of ponds & berms
  • Landscape restoration, tree management and erosion control.

Waste & Recycling Containers

Roll-off dumpsters facilitate the recycling of construction materials not accepted in regular commercial dumpsters. We feature a full range of dumpsters to meet the unique needs of your site. Services include delivery and retrieval for transfer to tri-cycling depots for recycling. Ideal for construction and debris materials including scrap wood, building materials and other construction related materials.

Mobile Concrete Crushing

Onsite concrete crushing reduces your budget and environmental impact by diverting unwanted material from landfills. Ghn’s fully portable crushing equipment recycles concrete, brick, stone or asphalt from demolition sites into quality materials for your future project.

Land Reclamation

Complete restoration services that fully restore your land. We carefully evaluate the area and develop the most effective plan for restoration. Experienced crews and a powerful equipment fleet ensure a thorough and efficient reclamation so you can be begin redevelopment quickly.